Cloud compiling question

We’re using the particle cloud compiler. If we wanted to use Photon in a production product is there anyway to keep the code we developed on Photon private and secure? Being in the cloud does everyone have access to our code? How can we secure it?


my thinking is the weakest link in the process would be the wifi router you use in your home/office to do the photon work. particle links are https . i’ve read a few reports of iot hacks causing some issues unrelated to particle but if i remember it was due to the setup name/pass not being changed on the devices by the enduser… of course any type attack might be possible i guess.

Hi @rfsweitzer

You can always download the local gcc-based toolchain and compile completely off of the internet if you want to.

The web-based compiler has the same security as most other web-based things these days. No one but you (and Particle employees under certain debugging scenarios) has access to your code. Particle goes out of the way to maintain your code’s privacy and has a policy to only look at your code under certain circumstances in the case of cloud compile errors.