Connecting the Photon to a untrusted network

If I connected my Particle Photon to a untrusted wifi network (say the wifi network at defcon) and the computer to cellular network would the Particle Photon be safe? I mention this because many people bring there Particle based projects to hackerspaces.

What do you consider safe?

But REST and other cloud communication is still encrypted even without additional WiFi encryption.
UDP/TCPServer/TCPClient communication will on the other hand be unencrypted.

If someone was ease dropping between the wifi access point and the Particle Photon what would the be able to get if I was flashing my Photon with new code? Would they be able to modify or read my code?

As said, they would only see encrypted packets (or to be more specific unencrypted packet “envelopes” with encrypted payload)

I could be mistaken, but that question sounds awfully familiar:

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Thank you for the clarification!