Particle Photon WiFi module - Can it Send SSH Outbound, when not using Particle?

Hi - I would appreciate if you could help with the following?

I have an application where a Particle Photon WIFI module will be placed on a relay board, which will be connected to our system power supply. We wish have our application reboot our system from our admin portal

Our customers wish to avoid cloud services, such as particle, so we will run the Photon module in semi-auto mode so no connection to the cloud is made but WiFi network connection is maintained.

Does the Photon WiFI have an internal web server or an option that would allow us to override and initiate communication to our server over SSH (or some open protocol) that allows us to send commands that Photon would be listening for in order to trigger the machine reboot? Is there any documentation or code we can refer to about this?

Thanks for looking at this

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This sounds like something that could be achieved with MQTT.

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If you avoid the cloud, for whatever reason, then your connection is insecure and unencrypted as the Photon does not have a stable compact solution for using things like SSL. This would mean you relying on other techniques like security by obscurity or crossing your fingers.
In such a setup I would suggest that the Photon is placed on an isolated VLAN on your network that is externally accessible only via a VPN. This is pretty easy to setup on a Draytek router for example (and utterly horrible on a Zyxel).

While this holds true for some part, contributions have been made to leverge secured communication onto the Photon aside from the Particle cloud and leaving that unmentioned only paints part of the picture e.g.
@hirotakaster’s TLS-TCP-Client

Thank you for your help and verification, The isolated VLAN makes sense