Print out on WiFi connected Thermal Printer

It should be possible that a photon can address a print job on a Dymo Thermal printer available in WiFi?
In which direction should I search the docs?

When I think of the output, I think of these possible scenarios: printout of a daily motivation saying or a shopping list, maintenance intervals for checking off and so on.

Locally over wifi should be possible, I’d look into TCP in the docs. A quick Google search doesn’t show Dymo having an API to send data to, so remote may be a little more difficult.

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I’m going to go with impossible, or at least so difficult that it’s probably not worth the effort. There is a lot of logic in the Dymo client software to make it work. Even their APIs just call into the Dymo client software to do the actual work of printing the label.

What I would do is make a small server running on a computer that accepts simple label requests either by Particle publish or direct TCP and converts it into Dymo Javascript API requests to do the actual printing. It does require a computer, but it would make the Particle device software reasonable to write.