Powering sensors

Hi everyone. I got a question. I am using Electron in my project with a couple sensors and a solar panel to charge the battery. I want add a rain gauge sensor which has to be power while the device is in sleep mode. I don’t think it is possible to power the rain gauge directly from Electron while it is in sleep mode.
But I want to ask anyway if this is possible?

Have you had a look at the Electron datasheet (i.e. 3v3 pin) :wink:

Thank you for pointing that out. I was working with Boron before and I didn’t see that on Boron datasheet. Beginner’s mistakes

But it’s there too

By default the 3v3 pin will source current. On the Boron (and Argon/Xenon) the step-down regulator can be powered down by externally by pulling EN pin low.

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I guess I didn’t understand what that meant because I am a super noob. Thank you though.

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Hi @phisuthisakn

Which sensor are you referring to exactly? Did you have a look at the power requirement of the sensor itself?


I did look at the power requirement. Thank you for trying to help.

Did you manage to resolve this?
Regards Friedl.

Yes I did.
Thank you,
Phisuthisak Ngernkuakul

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From my thoughts, it is possible to power the rain gauge directly from Electron when it is in sleep mode.

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