Boron 3.3V Pin During Sleep

Hi All,

I am trying to use the 3.3V pin on the Boron for a sensor that requires more current than any of the GPIO's can supply. I have few questions about the 3.3V pin during sleep: config.mode(SystemSleepMode::ULTRA_LOW_POWER).duration(min)

Using a Multimeter, I am getting 3.3V across the 3.3V Pin during sleep above. If I don't use a switch (npn transistor) to cut power tot he sensor attached to the 3.3V Pin, will the sensor continue to draw power during sleep mode?

@rickkas7 @ScruffR @peekay123

@babsndeep, deep sleep doesn't turn off the 3.3v regulator. The EN pin will disable it but it typically used with an external watchdog for control. Using an transistor is the best approch to turn off your sensor.


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