Power Supply for P1 Module based Custom Board

I am making a custom P1 Module based board.I will be powering the board though 5V 1A DC supply adapter (Because i also have 5v Relay on the board) I was planning to use AMS1117 3.3V Power Supply to Power the P1 Module.
I had some doubts Regarding the Voltage Regulator
Is T

(Note:There is a small error in the schematic the output is 3.3V)
I searched the net and got this schematic for the Power Supply.Is this Voltage Regulator Good enough to Power the P1 module or shall i use some other Voltage Regulator?
Is the Schematic As in the Image and Capacitor Values and type Correct or I should Make some Changes to It?

I’m also making a board based on P1. I’ve same doubt.
My question is also same as described here.
Please anyone clear my doubt. @peekay123 @ScruffR

Note: I’ve seen Sparkfun P1 Redboard schematic but they used LM1117-ADJ. But I want to use AMS1117-3.3 fixed voltage regulator.

Hi Mohit,
I am using the below circuit and it is working perfectly fine for me,also the results are good.

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Thank you so much :blush: @UmangChheda
You solved my problem. You’re great.

I’m using all capacitors (tantalum & ceramic) with voltage rating 50v. Is it right?