Fritzing P1 part

I spent the last few days working on a Fritzing part for the P1. I have it on my GitHub.

@BDub, I am not sure if you were already working on one, but if you so desire, you are more than welcome to take what I’ve done and make it better!

I’ve double checked the measurements but I wouldn’t mind it if a few more eyeballs looked at it before anyone tries to make a PCB with it.


Awexome @dome! Actually I was not working on a P1 library part so this is a welcome addition. I’ll check it out when I can free up some time :slight_smile: Thanks!

I was working through the P1 datasheet and saw the example power supply which, if I’m not mistaken, uses the RT8008-33 switching voltage regulator.

Is it essential to use a switching regulator, or are LDOs okay if I’m willing to accept a somewhat less efficient operation? I was planning on using this: . And, before the question is asked, I did plan on a safety diode and three capacitors.

I’ve been using that LDO and its 5v cousin for a custom built breadboard power supply.

@peekay123, I think this question might be up your alley.

@dome, of course you can use an LDO but at the cost of a higher quiescent current. The Core has an LDO and when you put the Core to sleep, the LDO and the onboard flash still require current. If getting the lowest power consumption possible during sleep is not a major issue than an LDO is fine :smile:

@peekay123, got it, thanks for the quick reply! I’m self-taught and I occasionally wonder if I’m overconfident on some of the basics like power supply.

I might try my hand at a switching supply, but at the moment DigiKey is sold out of the RT8008-33s - perhaps they all are going into our shiny new Photons!

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