Power Shield over discharge battery?

Will the Power Shield stop using the battery and remove power from the photon if the battery level drops too low?
I can’t seem to find that information… I would assume so, since it has the charging circuitry, which obviously protects against over charging… so why not over discharge… am i correct that it does protect the battery in both directions?


Nope, the Power Shield does not monitor the SoC independently but the recommended LiPos should have their own under-voltage protection circuit which will disconnect the LiPo once the voltage drops too low, but that threshold is well bellow the viable range for the Photon.

Your firmware should check the SoC and engage some power saving mechanisms once the SoC drops below certain values (e.g. no WiFi and extended deep sleep < 20%).

Thanks @ScruffR, i’ll make sure to use a battery that has its own protection. (which I was likely to do anyway as its safest; i just have some unprotected batteries i thought i might use, but getting a protection circuit for them is easy too).

I increase my power savings the lower the battery gets… will be interesting to see how long i can get my project to run for and still provide relevant data :slight_smile:
thanks for the info.

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