Power Management

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I am working with the BQ24195 like Particle and am very impressed by it.
Would there be any interest in selling this board? @Steph
I see a great opportunity for some DIY shield for the Photon and such… I have been following your progress and am working with my own setup of that chip. I don’t have the ability to fab PCBs, so I am doing it with adapters and manually.

Anyone else have a vendor for a PCB like this, or maybe a small layout?
I want to build a 3.3v Rail, 5.5v Rail, with this and a combination of other switching converters.

My plan is to take the BQ24195 then add 1 linear 3.3v regulator (vampire starting supply), and a 5v Buck/Boost, and a 3.3v Buck/Boost that can use the BQ or the VIN up to 16v.

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Haven’t tried them, but these guys are pretty cheap, for low volume as well: http://dirtypcbs.com You can use the free version of Eagle to design your PCBs.

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@Moors7, I used dirtypcbs for my RGB Matrix shield board and was very pleased.

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