Posting data to Telegraph not working

Hi Team,
As part of moving data to influxDB, we are trying to post data to the Telegraph with webhooks. The webhooks are not trigging at the specified interval. This may be due to issues with the webhook configurations. Can someone point me where should I start working on?

Here is my webhook details

As mentioned in the docs, the URL ends with http://details/particle
The event name is particle_sensor.

Here is the firmware

int i=0;
char data[255];
void setup() {

void loop() {

int c=10;
String data=String::format("{ \"tags\" : {\"id\": \"%s\", \"location\": \"%s\"}, \"values\": {\"capacity\": %d}}", "test", "myLoc", c);
Particle.publish("particle_sensor", data, PRIVATE);
Particle.publish("data", "data", PRIVATE);
  // Wait for 3 seconds


Rahul G

Hey Rahul, so sorry for the extreme delay on this question, but we recently updated the Telegraph AWS AMI and docs and you might want to check them out if you’re still having trouble. In particular, your payload from Particle should include the “influx_db” field with “influxdata_sensors” as the value. See here for more info: