Transferring data using webhooks and thingspeak

I am new to particle. I have connected soil moisture sensor to a particle relay board. I flashed the following code to the photon.

// Pin definitions
int moistureRead = A2;
int moisturePower = D2;
int led = D7;  // The on-board LED

void setup() {
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(moisturePower, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(moistureRead, INPUT);

void loop() {
  digitalWrite(led, HIGH);   // Turn ON the LED
  digitalWrite(moisturePower, HIGH);   // Turn ON power to moisture sensor
  delay(2000);               //Wait for 2 seconds
  String sensor1 = String(analogRead(moistureRead));
  Particle.publish("sensor1", sensor1, PRIVATE);
  delay(5000);               // Wait for 5 seconds

  digitalWrite(led, LOW);    // Turn OFF the LED
  digitalWrite(moisturePower, LOW);    // Turn OFF the moisturesensor
  delay(15000);               // Wait for 10 seconds

The program runs and in the particle events it reports the following

The source event that triggered the webhook

  "name": "sensor1",
  "data": "3259",
  "ttl": 60,
  "published_at": "2020-02-02T10:55:51.753Z",
  "coreid": "27004214234120b47353735"

This keeps updating. When I go to thingspeak I can see the connection but the data from the sensor is not coming through.

When I output the data to CSV I get the following.

|2020-02-02 10:37:31 UTC|850|sensor1|
|2020-02-02 10:37:53 UTC|851|sensor1|
|2020-02-02 10:38:15 UTC|852|sensor1|
|2020-02-02 10:38:37 UTC|853|sensor1|
|2020-02-02 10:38:59 UTC|854|sensor1|
|2020-02-02 10:39:21 UTC|855|sensor1|
|2020-02-02 10:39:43 UTC|856|sensor1|
|2020-02-02 10:40:05 UTC|857|sensor1|
|2020-02-02 10:40:27 UTC|858|sensor1|

Instead of outputting the data for sensor1 is simply reports the name sensor1.

Appreciate any insights to what I am doing wrong.



How have you defined your webhook?

I used the webhook builder in particle.

The following images capture how I filled in the fields.

Thanks for helping


You actually told the webhook to use sensor1 as the value to use.

as shown here

Thank you for your help


You were correct, it is working for me now. Initially I cut and paste {{PARTICLE_EVENT_DATA}} into the webhooks setup. That did not work. When I went back to the tutorial as you suggested. I realized that it says {{PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE}}, when I changed data to value it worked. Not trying to be smart here, rather I have found looking at discussions online to be useful for problem solving so I thought I would follow up.

Thank you again for your help


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