Influxdb Webhooks


I’ve been struggling pushing data to my Influxdb server (hosted on EC2) following step-by-step this tutorial :

Here is my “JSON DATA” field:
Capture d’écran 2020-03-20 à 17.50.54

And here is the test event I’m using in the console to trigger Webhooks:
Capture d’écran 2020-03-20 à 18.47.00

Unfortunately I’m getting error 400 all the time.

Do you have an idea of what could be wrong? Is there any way I can get logs of the request/payload sent to Telegraf, or any other solution to get a more explicit description of the error?

Thanks a lot for help!

Hwy @gazo, thanks for posting, and welcome to the Particle community!

Can you post a screenshot or paste of the error you’re getting in the integrations console?

Of course! There it is:

Thank you,

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Hey @gazo, thanks!

It looks like you’re missing the “influx_db” from the event payload, which should point to your InfluxDB name. Also, do you have the following at the end of the url? :1619/particle

Adding “influx_db” to the payload solved the problem.

By the way, the snapshots and code provided in the tutorial ( are inconsistent, if it can help.

Many thanks!

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Glad to hear that @gazo! And good point, I will make a note to get this doc fixed.

3 months, still not updated…