Possible to list wifi network?

I was wondering if its possible for the sparkcore to list wifi devices and to act on this information? Im musing over an idea about the sparkcore being able to reacts to certain wifi devices on the network.

Spark.list() ?

Hi lightx - check this thread. Some of the folks have basic wifi API’s working



right. Im more interested in finding devices on the same network that the spark core is already connected to as oppose to finding other AP. Or am I missing something?

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I guess what Im asking is it possible to scan for ip addresses from the sparkcore?!

Hi @lightx,

It depends on how you want to find those devices. Most network scanning tools try to connect to a list of known ports on every IP address in their subnet. So you could write a simple firmware that tries to connect to TCP port 22 on every server on the subnet, etc, and then return a list of open SSH servers, etc, etc.

If you’re writing the software on either end, you can simply broadcast your presence with a UDP packet, and listen for other devices to broadcast their presence as well. :slight_smile:


ohh right so I could (if I knew enough code = nope) write something that would

ping addresses x.x.x.[1-255] every so often
if I find an address

  • measure.wife signal
    — do something really cool based on the strength of the signal
    if not then go to bed

ps: i would be better at coding if that would actually be coding…

thanks @Dave

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Hi @lightx,

Are you interested in scanning for Wifi access points? Or devices / ip addresses on the network?

If you gave some examples of what you wanted to build, maybe we could help get you started with the code. :smile: I could probably make you a subnet scanning example, but I’d need to know what you were looking for.


I don’t have any code. I wish… :wink:

Im looking to scan devices / ip addresses on the local network that the sparkcore is on.

sparkcore scans for other devices every so often
if find a new ip address
look to see if it know this particular ip address based on pre-registered ip address X
if its X then do Y (measure wifi signal strength(wss) so that analogWrite(LED, wss)
if its a new ip address then to Z (blink blink)
and keep searching

or something in that nature