Possible to get device.network.signal.strengthv from integration like {PARTICLE_EVENT_NAME}?

I look to be able to get the device.network.signal.strengthv from the http integration when the device publish like {PARTICLE_EVENT_NAME}. I don’t want to get myself the “strengthv” ie. RSSI from the firmware and send in the publish. I check in the reference but I’m not sure if my request it’s possible.

Anyone can point me in the right direction ?

It’s not possible from an integration. The reason is that when the integration is called it only has the payload from the event that triggered the event.

The strength value is only sent up in device vitals, and not on every publish. While some historical vitals information is available in the console, that information is not available to webhooks. The only way is to either send it up with the event or have a server that either watches for the vitals event (using webhooks or SSE), or queries it using the Particle API.