Possible memory leak on Photon

I have recently noticed one of my photons starting to blink cyan after a few days from its last reset. It seemed like something that was really difficult to troubleshoot but luckily I eventually updated to version 8 with the diagnostics. From the diagnostics it looks like the memory is slowly going up across 2 days perhaps. I’ll post a screenshot of what it looks like. I can also upload the csv file if required:

The memory used column is third from the right. I know it might be easier if I upload my code but it’s actually quite long and is part of a company. I was just wondering what were the common causes that might lead to this situation. I cant be certain if its some memory fragmentation as I wouldn’t know how to debug that. I am using SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) and system mode is automatic.

Additionally, my problem sounds similar to a really old thread but probably not relevant.

Not using Strings is a common recommendation on this forum.


Actually, I tried to back trace what I put in recently and started removing certain things that I added and I found that it was the google maps locator causing the easy. The memory usage stops going up after removing that library. That’s weird because a library with an official guide by Particle and everything, I would’ve expected it to not cause any issues. Oh well, root cause found I guess.

It was using it periodically every 30 seconds and had the locator.loop in the loop function if that matters.