Possible bug in event logs browser page

I couldn’t find an email address anywhere to report this.

Just reporting what appears to be a bug, missing messages in the graph. There is a steady stream of messages once per minute but the graph appears to show erratic messages, missing many of them. This was tested in Chrome.

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Let’s ping @jeiden :slight_smile:

I think this is a known issue already under investigation - I’ll try to find the issue
Dashboard: Event in list but not shown on timeline


As it turns out, since the dashboard/console is not open source, there is also no dedicated public place to file an issue (or keep track of known issues).
It might be something to think about tho’ or if there is one, it would be good if the link was posted in the respective threads, to tie up loose ends - @jeiden

@ScruffR, the official channel is https://github.com/spark/cloud


OK, but where is the issue reflecting this (see below) publicly?

22 days ago:

@ScruffR i believe it went to the internal JIRA.

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Thanks for the bug report all! I added this issue to my sprint to look into.


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