Dashboard/Console logs don't stream in Microsoft Edge browser [BUG REPORT SUBMITTED]


I’m using Windows 10 with IE/Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0 browser and https://console.particle.io/logs stays at “Waiting for events.” forever. Despite that something is actually being published when I use Chrome side by side the events are streaming just fine in Chrome. I wasted some time trying to figure out if something was wrong with my device or code before determining this.

Can anyone else confirm if the same happens to them? Known issue or solution? (I have cleared my cache.)

(The top part shows Edge, with developer tools enabled showing 2 issues in the logs. The window below that is Chrome where it is working fine. )

Hey @bloukingfisher, let me see if myself or someone else can find some answers for you.

I was able to check Edge browser from another computer. While it still doesn’t stream on my machine, it does on the other one (although it seemed delayed for the stream to start, and was missing the graphical color bars but not critical).

Maybe you or someone else can confirm whether they can replicate it or experience similar problems in Edge, otherwise we can probably close this issue.

@Moors7 /@ScruffR can you or one of the other Elites help us get steered in the right path possibly?

I just tried the dashboard on a win10 PC with Edge and nothing appeared. I then tried running the Oak Terminal and none of the events showed up. However, the update to the variables was working. I then went to my laptop also running win 10 but opened Chrome and had no problems seeing the events in either the dashboard or Oak Terminal.

Something is not right with Edge and events!


Yup, it’s a shame for MS that they never really got the web standars fully implemented in IE and now Edge continues that!
But that’s a known issue amongs web devs.

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@peekay123 @ScruffR Thanks for jumping in here!

Thanks @peekay123 and @ScruffR for confirming. How do we get a bug report for this? Since it is not in the firmware or SDK’s I don’t see how we note an issue.
I don’t see that it is a priority to make the Dashboard compatible with Edge, but if it is not, at minimum requires a notice to users that the Dashboard doesn’t work with Edge.

Many developers may avoid Edge, but we’re talking about tinkerers trying to learn to use Particle products and they may give up in frustration or waste many hours thinking that events are not being published while using Edge.

Something like if the Edge user agent is detected display: “Dashboard functionality currently does not work correctly in the Microsoft Edge browser. You can change the default browser to Firefox or Google Chrome to use it on your Windows 10 computer.”


This might be something to ping @jeiden for, i guess.

Thanks for the report. Could anyone provide me the specific error that occurs in the console when events come through? That would help tremendously

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@jeiden, there are no errors! Simply, NOTHING comes through - no events, no graph, nothing at all.

yeah this has been an issue for months for me on a win 10 box. Who doesn’t program for the wonderful edge browser, I mean really guys come on, get with the times :smile:

@jeiden - adding to @peekay123’s comment - NO events/graph comes through. However, it does display the startup “Waiting for events…” message setting up the user to expect that if events were working they would be displaying.

See image below. If you’re talking about the Edge “console” error, all I see today is an http403 forbidden error to get a fonts.css file (which I doubt is a critical error for the display of the events (also visible in the image). Anyway, trying to load the fonts.css file in Chrome results in the same error.

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Thanks for the bug report and thanks to the Elites for helping to test! I’ve created a issue in our backlog for the Console on this.