Possible bug; handshakes not registering by console?

In the past 2 days (most recently this morning), my Electron has connected and published data three times. However, in the console it shows its ‘‘Last handshake’’ as having taken place 3 days ago. Normally this isn’t a problem; I can judge by the data analysis that the Electron has no trouble connecting.

However, this issue also affects the release of new firmware to devices part of a Product. I have a pending firmware update for my Electron for the last 3 days and it simply won’t download it, I assume because something is going wrong with the handshake-thing.

Any thoughts, or tips?

Hmm… Looking at the definition of Last handshake:

Your electron is probably reusing the session connection that helps in reducing the amount of data used. Which is why the handshake timestamp does not tally with the data uploading intervals.

Just to confirm that you have followed the steps here: https://docs.particle.io/guide/tools-and-features/console/#rollout-firmware ?

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I forgot to mention, but the device connected at a 12-24 hr. interval…if I remember correctly it would have to do the handshake again if there’s more than 23min. apart? The device only stays active for about a minute, and only for about 40 seconds after it connects to the server. Is this perhaps too little time for it to register sometimes?

Are you publishing data through the Particle :cloud:?

Yup, I am.

@rickkas7 you are probably more familiar with the product fleet behavior.

I read in another topic if the time after connecting and deep sleep is too short, it won’t be able to receive the notification that there is a pending firmware update in time…To be fair after connecting, my device only stays online for 15-20 seconds or so, to retrieve some parameter values and publish collected data. So this very well could be the culprit.

I think if I will require the sensor to remain online for a full minute on a once-a-week-schedule, this issue should be alleviated?

The other issue I see right now though is that indeed the latest handshake remains very random, and I’ve had a device that connects and publishes data on a hourly schedule, report it made the last handshake 2 days ago. For device tracking and ensuring they’re still operational (I don’t want to dig through the data all the time) it would be nice to have this be more spot-on.