Web Console Last Handshake updates after each Particle.publish from an Electron

Hi all, just curious if this is just incorrect wording in the web console description of “Last Handshake” or I should dig further into my application code for hidden bugs.

The web console states that Last Handshake means when the last secure connection was established. Not necessarily when the device was Last Heard.

However, I am seeing that every Particle.publish event seems to update the time for Last Handshake. Is this expected?

– I use NO_ACK Publish events every 2 minutes.
– Almost all of the events arrive at 2 minute intervals. On occasion I do see some dropped but likely due to bad cellular connectivity.
– When I watch the console, I only see my events every two minutes. I don’t see what I normally see when a full handshake is done (e.g. device vitals, etc.)

Main reason I am asking is I don’t want a surprise on data consumption. It doesn’t seem like I am using more data but hard to tell without adding additional debugging code.

Just recently the Online Indicator logic underwent some overhaul, so it may well be that the docs lag behind in that regard.
Have a read here

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Thanks for the pointer to that article, much appreciated and it was a great read. Have posted my question there for clarification. Thank you.

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I have an Electron that’s still running 0.8.0 Firmware with very frequent NO_ACK publishes.
It hasn’t been flashed in a long time.

I believe with the recent changes, the console reports the last communication now, not handshake.
I agree with you: It’s not consistent with the “Tool-tip” info for Last Handshake:


This likely isn’t a bug in your application Code.

You can easily track daily cellular data in a Browser with:
XXXX= Electron’s ICCID (go to Console.particle.io , View Device)
YYYY = Personal Access Token (go to Build.particle.io, Settings)

This tip is fantastic, it totally beats staring at the console which doesn’t provide the granularity needed. Marking as a solution since it will help others :).