Porting the latest Adafruit_GPS 1.5.4


I’m trying to talk to an Adafruit GPS (PA1010D) via i2c from a Boron. The current version of the Particle Adafuit GPS library available is 1.0.3 and doesn’t support I2C. 1.5.4 appears to. It would be nice to be able to use the latest version in my project. Any suggestions on how to get it ported would be appreciated.


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here you are :slight_smile: Particle Web IDE
Please note that is compiling fine under v2.1.0 but I didn’t tested it as I don’t have Adafruit GPS (PA1010D)

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Thanks for doing that! It compiles for me as well. When I try to flash the Boron though the IDE gives me this warning.

“You are not including
Adafruit_GPS.h NMEA_data.h Adafruit_PMTK.h
even though they are a part of this app.
Are you sure you want to continue?
To include these files, please hit cancel and add include lines to the top of the
to the top of the main app file.”

When I choose to continue and flash it anyway it’s successful AND I do see nmea sentances on serial port output as expected. So that great! When I try and comply with it’s guidance though and add the missing lines:
#include <Adafruit_GPS.h> //was already there
#include <Adafruit_PMTK.h> //added no change
#include <NMEA_data.h> //won’t compile with this included

Any concern about the warning?

This is an overly eager attempt of a preprocessor to make sure all custom files are actually “required”, but it only checks the main project file.

To get rid of that warning you can add dummy includes in the main .ino file.

Would be good to know what the compiler complains about exactly.
But my guess would be that there are some “re-declaration” errors which would indicate that the respective header file fails to guard against “multi-inclusion”.

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@jamesdev when you ask this I was about to pass this question to the gurus of our community as ScruffR or Rick
I’m a “copy pastle and see what will exploded” :grin: guy with basic knowledge about programming :man_shrugging:t3:
4 years ago #include was black magic for me… today I know something but not much and not enough to know the answers for this kind of question.
Anyway I’m glad that’s working for you :+1:

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