Adafruit BPM183 impementation on particle

Hi There

I recently finished the hardware of a little project. Now starting all the code work. Unfortunately there is no implementation of the BPM183 (Adafruit) Code. Is somebody capable of porting it from the arduino world to the particle world? I`m not that fit in programing at such a deep level.

My goal is to make an alarmclock which optically (yellow = good weather / blue =bad weather) shows the data, witch have been measured over the night, via neopixels.

That library should not need too much porting.
The main thing seems to comment the not required include statements.

Thanks ScruffR. So it seems, that I will have to spend some time with that. I think it might be useful for others to have it on the “Community Libraries” section in the particle IDE. Also there is some “debug” code, which works with the particle cloud in the BMP280.ino. That functionality would be nice for the BMP183.

If you can just give it a try whether that lib builds and does what it should, then it will surely be worth publishing on Build.
The thing is, I haven’t got such a sensor, so I couldn’t test the port.

Right that make sense. So that will be my project after writing my exams this summer :wink:
Thanks for your support. I might need to ask some tecnical questions then. But first things first.

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