Boron + Adafruit Ultimate GPS over I2C

I am working with the adafruit boron and the ultimate adafruit GPS module:

When working with the arduino library for the GPS, i cannot seem to get the i2c to start. It fails right at the Adafruit_GPS begin()

Adafruit_GPS GPS(&Wire);
  if (!GPS.begin(0x10))
      Serial.println("Did not start GPS");
      return false;

it says to use address 0x10, although i cannot find that info anywhere else. any idea what might be wrong?

I should also note that i do not have an antenna yet and the fix LED is lighting up every 1second indicatiing it has not found sats. not sure if thats a requirement for coms

You may want to run an I2C scan to find out whether this address is correct.


great idea. turns out, when i connect that board alone, there are no i2c devices found. time to debug hardware. thank you!!

I had a quick look at the device and it doesn’t appear to have I2C capability. The communication works via RX/TX (UART) - also stated in the Adafruit info you linked to :wink:

Thank you for the reply, I actually did find out just recently that it does not have I2C. I connected it to Serial1 and it is working! thank for getting back to me

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This tutorial might help: Learn how-to build this cellular asset tracker with a Particle Boron

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