Looking to connect in a breadboard a Boron and Adafruit Featherwing GPS

Hi I am new to the platform and we are trying to connect a Boron LTE with an Adafruit GPS featherwing ultimate GPS. I found an old sketch that uses the RX and TX pins of the Boron How to Build a GPS Tracker for Your Drone | Particle | Maker Pro (we are using a breadboard) but I have not been able to get the unit to get a location fix or even check if it is working. I noticed a new TiniGPS library example but that one used D6 pin which I am not sure how to connect. Can someone help me with the pin-out connections required between the two boards and a sketch example just to test the units?

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@okrauth welcome back! The first thing I noticed is the Serial connection between the Boron and the ultimate GPS. You need to cross the RX and TX lines between the devices (RX GPS to TX Boron, RX Boron to TX GPS). You may want to run the “Basic RX/TX” test on Adafruit’s site to verify communications are working:

What type of external GPS antenna are you using, it’s not in the picture.

If the GPS is working powered correctly and working, the FIX LED on the featherwing should pulse at about 1Hz until it get a location fix. If you are indoors, the fix may not happen. The GPS antenna needs a “view” of the sky so locating it near a window will most likely work.

For the code, which environment are you using to compile - Workbench, Cloud IDE, CLI?


Thanks for the response… I managed to get it to work… it turned out that the breadboard was faulty and it was not powering the GPS… changed the breadboard and it works now :slight_smile:
I am using an external antenna

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