Port Adafruit TSL2591 Library? (light sensor)

Hi all! Just got my Photon + Dot Stars up and running…super straightforward experience thus far!

I have the the Adafruit TSL2591 High Dynamic Range Lux Sensor.


Does this look like an easy port? Any official doc on this process?


I have ported but the Build IDE is not allowing me to import.

It’s here for now: https://github.com/kennethlimcp/Adafruit_TSL2591_Library

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Have you been able to import?
One thing I noticed is that you are missing a README.md in your repo, did library validation not complain about this?

And what’s the reason for the dublication of most of the files? Is it for Arduino “compatibility” of the repo?

Opps… I updated the default branch. The mess you saw is due to me trying to maintain the forked branch for further merges and it ended up being a huge mess.

I have made the master branch default now with the working changes :smile:

UPDATE: Ok it’s finally publicly available in the Build IDE. Please let me know if there are any issues!

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I wonder what kind of project/application you are building with this sensor.