Poll: Which shield are you most excited to use?

  • Programmer Shield
  • The new (non-moustached) Power Shield
  • Shield Shield
  • Relay Shield
  • IDEO Motion Shield
  • Grove Starter Kit
  • Adafruit NeoPixel Ring
  • SparkFun Photon IMU Shield
  • SparkFun Battery Shield
  • SparkFun Micro OLED Shield
  • SparkFun Weather Shield
  • SparkFun Wearable Breakout Shield
  • SparkFun RedBoard

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Info on official shields can be found in the store.

Thinking of a shield that isn’t on here? Or one that hasn’t been invented yet? Make a post below.

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I still haven’t gotten around to using mine, but @kennethlimcp did a small batch of MicroSD + FRAM shields that I think a lot of people might find useful.

(If I ever only have one of anything, I tend to keep it locked up safe and tight and never use it because, if I do, I can’t use it for anything else. So I have to save it until the ultimate project comes along, which may be never. It’s a terrible habit. I’m scared to death to use my one and only Photon until my new one comes in… at that point, I’ll go through them like candy!)


Internet Button!!

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Personally I’m waiting to get my hands on Simon Monk’s Phobot Shield. Quite like the idea of using my Photon to make a couple of small roving robots.

Phobot Shield



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You know what would be neat? Relay shields with different amounts of relays. I have a project that only needs one relay, and the 3 extra relays on the board make it a lot bigger than the project needs to be.