Please help me "AssetTracker"GPS logging

I got “Electron” and “Asset Tracker kit”.
So,I tried following process.
1:Libraries - select "Asset Tracke "
2:Examples - select “1_GPS_Features.ino” and “Use this examples”
3:select “compile and download firmware binary”

but I can’t complete compile.

lib/Adafruit_GPS/src/Adafruit_GPS.cpp:16:26: fatal error: Adafruit_GPS.h: No such file or directory
#include <Adafruit_GPS.h>

So ,I selected " Adafruit_GPS.h " from Libraries.

but,don’t change the condition.
please help me

Make sure you’re targeting system version >=0.5.3


I don’t know method of version up.

Go to the devices tab, and click the little arrow next to your device for an expanded menu. There you can select the system version.

For updating the version, you’ll need the CLI though, or the device updater, or…
Let me know which method you’d prefer (I’d go for the CLI personally)


I had the exact same problem but none of the suggestions resolved the problem. I went to settings in the IDE and cleared the cache and then I could build.

Similar was happening to me and for some reason the device I had selected had the target firmware set to 4.8 instead of 6.4. changing it back to 6.4 worked for me.

I’m interested in this rationale. Why have the ability to change the system firmware from Particle Build since changing system firmware can only happen through the CLI and flashing with a different target firmware it will put the target device in safe mode?

I think it’s because of feature parity with the other devices. It’d also allow you to go back in user firmware (should you want to do that, for whatever reason). It won’t auto update the system firmware since that would use up a large chunk of data.
If the device is configured as part of a product in the Console, it will auto-update, so I’m assuming it’s mostly for saving prototypes from using too much data.
That said, I think it’d be nice to have an opt-in to force an OTA system firmware update from the Web IDE.

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Another reason might be that you just want to build for any system revision to download the binary - maybe even for someone else who hasn’t yet claimed his Electron and hence won’t be able to build - and flash it via USB. Also Web IDE was - at one point the - only tool where you could select the target version so you had to use Web IDE if you wanted to try out prerelease versions without a local toolchain.
So there are several possible reasons why this makes sense, even if it doesn’t for everybody the same way :wink:

BTW, this is only true when the system version is < application target. With e.g. 0.6.4 on your device you can target any version <= 0.6.4 and the device won’t go into Safe Mode.


@Moors7 @ScruffR Thanks for the insight and historical context.

totally understand that it makes sense for someone else. Seems powerful to have the option, yet it seems like a bit of this is tribal knowledge making the whole thing slightly nebulous. I just read up on how “safe mode healer” will update the system firmware if the target firmware is higher than the current firmware. So, it could easily be that I need to read up more on the system and pay more attention to what I am doing. :confounded::hammer: (that’s the best I got for banging my head against the wall).

@Moors7 I think safe mode healer will make this happen but I bet it is expensive (relatively speaking) to do on an Electron.

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Unfortunately SMH is currently only available for WiFi products due to the possible cost in terms of data consumption.

But if you needed the feature, Particle Console offers this feature for devices registered as Product (even in the free tier AFAIK).