Help with Asset Tracker V2 Start Up

I just purchased the Asset Tracker and wanted to get it up and running so that over the next few weeks I can test things like accuracy and battery life. However I am having significant issues in getting the code made in Web IDE.

I am strictly using the example codes at this point in time. So shouldn’t it be as easy as hitting the “Use This Example” button (which includes the libraries) and then verifying/downloading the code over cellular? My problems however appear to come from additional libraries. That even when I try to add them by finding them in the libraries tab and including them in the project still persist.

When I use the Official Library I get;
“lib/Adafruit_GPS/src/Adafruit_GPS.cpp:16:26: fatal error: Adafruit_GPS.h: No such file or directory
#include <Adafruit_GPS.h>”

When I use the RK Library I get;
"In file included from lib/AssetTrackerRK/src/AssetTrackerRK.cpp:4:0:
lib/AssetTrackerRK/src/AssetTrackerRK.h:4:20: fatal error: LIS3DH.h: No such file or directory
#include “LIS3DH.h”

What am I missing here?

@ParkerEMG01, if you select the AssetTrackerRK library and then select one of the example .ino files presented you can then hit “USE THIS EXAMPLE” to setup your app. Then, making sure you select your Electron device by making sure that the yellow star is selected next to your Electron’s device name. Hitting the verify button will then test compile the example app you had selected. I just did this and it compiled without error.

I strongly suggest that you consider installing the Particle CLI for flashing your Electron. Doing OTA is great but will consume data on your data plan. Instead, you can download the compiled binary file from Web IDE (hit the little cloud with the down arrow) and flash it go the Electron via USB.


Probably the latest system firmware. If you’ve got the latest CLI installed (which you should install regardless), plug in the Electron, enter DFU mode and issue particle update, which should get you on the latest version. (In the Web IDE, you’ll need to then select a higher system version (>0.5.3) which should eliminate those errors.

Give it a shot?

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