Please help! Battery died and wont connect to cloud now with new battery!

Hey there. So a while back I let my battery die to my electron. Now(with a new battery) all it does is flash teal fast like its about to connect to the cloud but it does not. My friend say I bricked it. Help?

I wouldn’t think so.

You can flash this diagnostic firmware and see what’s up

Hey @ajb

Not to worry. Flashing cyan is behavior of a healthy, functioning device. :slight_smile:

Flashing cyan in particular is an indication that the device has successfully established a cellular connection, but is still trying to establish a cloud connection. Sounds like it’s having just a bit of trouble. As @ScruffR mentioned, electron-clouddebug is a great tool to help diagnose why it may be having issues.

Also consider double checking the integrity of your new battery. Electrons, as well as any other 2G/3G device at Particle, requires an external LiPo battery to be connected even when it is connected to USB power. While connected with USB power, a device can power on, but may struggle to meet power requirements during data transfer operations. Connecting to the cloud is among one of the more demanding data operations a Particle device can do.

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Thanks. Now its flashing green and won’t connect. Help?

If it’s flashing green, it sounds like it’s having trouble finding a tower or establishing a consistent data connection with the tower. That’s still inline with what we were seeing before with the flashing cyan as well.

@ScruffR’s recommendation of cloud-debug still stands. If you could give that a try and provide the output here or in a support ticket, that would be immensely helpful in understanding the cause here.

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