phpParticleDashboard - Now with Product Support!

Note, this isn’t an “official” dashboard. It’s a private project of mine I created for the community.


A dashboard example using the phpParticle class

##Background & Motivation##

So, I was looking at this post on the community and realized that it shouldn’t be too much work to update my old phpSparkDashboard to support Particle products. After a couple of hours hacking on both phpParticle and phpSparkDashboard I’d like to release an updated version of the dashboard as phpParticleDashboard.

GitHub Repo

Repo can be found here


  • GIT clone or download a zip of the repo and unzip into your project directory
  • Upload to your PHP web server and visit using a web browser


Feel free to play around with the demo


Login Page

Simply login with your access token (get it from

Device List Page

On the devices page you can see all Particle devices associated with your access token

Device Info Page

On the device info page you can look at a particular device. Available information include known Particle Variables (values update if you refresh the page) and Particle Functions. Send parameters to those functions by filling in the parameter text box and pressing the “Submit” button

Successful Function Call

When you successfully submit a function call to the Particle Cloud you get a alert with the return value. The screenshot below is from V0.1 of the dashboard but it’s pretty much the same with v0.2