Looking for dashboard contributors

Hello! I’ve been working on a simple private dashboard and am looking for contributors. It’s being done in node/express. I’m interested in colaboration with other javascript folks. Send me a PM if you are interested and have some experience with js and git. smile

What kind of dashboard are you working on? I was just thinking about writing my own dashboard for a project so perhaps we have similar goals

Thanks for the feedback - I believe I’ve responded via email. If anyone else is wondering it’s a simple dashboard that queries the cloud for any devices you own and exposes details about them including any variables and functions. Basically a free, authenticated dashboard. I’d like to get some other folks involved to clean it up/add some more features/etc so we can throw it out there for people to use.

I mean this as a constructive remark but would you mind explaining how your idea differs from http://atomiot.com/ ? I’m genuinely curious because I have some ideas for improvements and I’d love to hear yours.

Sure! I think it differs in many ways namely the code being open source. No storage, doesn’t work (at all) when cores aren’t turned on, forces input of token and device ID on each launch, only queries that specific device…

Sorry for any confusion I have been replying to the forum notification emails which I think is a no-reply address xD. I have hit you up on skype and will send an email to the email in your github going forward :smile:

Has any progress been made so far (if so, can we get a sneak peak)? I was wondering why you’d want to do this in nodejs/express since the functionality you described can be achieved with ‘simple’ HTML/JavaScript. This spares you of having to go through the node/express stuff, and keeps it relatively simple. Also, why would you limit the functionality to one device only? - Questions are out of interest, not criticism :blush:
There have been things like this made before, this one for example: (which is really helpful!)

I tried to partially recreate this in order to try out the SparkJS library, and (so far) ended up with this page.

Thank you for your interest! Originally, I had planned to use a user authentication API that was node based to allow logging of variables and events. Since then I am questioning that architecture :smile:

I appreciate the link to the straight JS project. I wonder about handing functions like renaming cores with this stack. I’ll poke into it more.

I’m still in the process of working out the kinks (was super busy the past few days) but plan to get back into it this week. As soon as I have something suitable to show I’ll definitely link here. Thanks again!

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Hey there! You can check out the current development here:


I decided to keep the node stack as I used a cool user authentication API that allows storage per user. This opens a lot of doors for logging, etc. This project could easily be ported to a vanilla javascript project if desired.

You can fork the project from here: https://github.com/flaredash/flare

I have some more stuff to do but it is generally functional. Some plans:

  • Allow for variable logging

  • Work on the events page to allow custom published event streaming
    (declare desired event, hit submit, read published events)

  • I’d love to find a way to do a software reset without having to push

  • firmware pushes

If you have any problems or bugs, please create a new issue here: https://github.com/flaredash/flare/issues

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