Photon2 setup guide

Hi there,
I am looking for documentation of photon 2 setup and method of uploading production firmware in p2.

The Wi-Fi setup guide for the P2 should be available in a month or so.

Firmware can be flashed by USB (if you include the USB connector), or SWD/JTAG, the same as other devices. You could also flash firmware OTA, but you’d need to set the Wi-Fi credentials first.

Thank you for your Response …
→But which software will use for upload firmware by USB?
I tried flashed by USB in Visual studio code but below error displayed any solution for this error…

→with using JTAG in p1 i used STM32 STLINK Utility software. For P2 which one can be used ?
→What is latest deviceOS for P2?

For USB of the tools that work for other devices for flashing by USB will work, such as the Particle CLI, web-based tools like Device Restore DFU, or Particle Workbench.

You should use Device OS 5.0.0 on the P2. While there is a build for 3.2.1-p2.2 and 3.2.1-p2.3 you can only cloud compile for that version. You cannot do a local compile and flash from Workbench, which is why you’re getting that error from Workbench.

The ST-LINK/v2 cannot be used to program the P2, as it’s not a STM32 processor. The recommended JTAG programmer is a generic CMSIS-DAP debugger.


@rickkas7. Is there any in indication when the Photon2 will be available to order? Thanks

@rickkas7 Thanks for sharing information with us :slightly_smiling_face:

Photon 2 general availability is planned for March 2023. There may or may not be a preorder; once they become available they should be available in quantity.

I used Particle Workbench for upload firmware in P2. I used USB for upload firmware there is an error displayed.
I manually put device into DFU mode using setup and reset button during upload firmware that works successfully but workbench did not detect device automatically.
Any Solution for this??

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