Photon & WPA2 ENT Radius

I’ve updated the firmware on the photon. I wifiscan… find the network provide username etc for wpa2 ent connection.

Watching logs for radius I see “columnelec Access-Accept 2019-09-16 15:01:43”

The “Access-Accept” tag is the same that I see for other devices.

However… the photon keeps rapid blinking green… eventually I get a series of red flashes then it reboots. I think the pattern of red blinks is an S.O.S then one blink, then it repeats the series and reboots.

I found this in another post… I believe it’s likely the same situation…

“If you had access to the freeRadius server log output you would probably see that the EAP authorisation is successful and there is something happening when that success message gets passed back to the photon that causes it to cancel the authorisation session and treat the result as failed.”

Can anyone help?

@dannoz I have replied on the thread you mentioned and updated you on progress with Particle Support. Would you mind ticking the solution box? There is no point having another thread going on exactly the same topic.