Photon with Powershield and Normally Open Reed Switch setting not working

I’m new to programming and electrical components, so please forgive any errors in the description:

I have a Photon attached to a Powershield. A 3.7v lipo battery powers the Powershield. I’m using a modified You’ve-Got-Mail hackster code from (It is modified to remove the thingspeak and Lipo chargeboard references because I’m using a Powershield.)
I’ve wired it according to the schematic on hackster.

When using just the Photon, it alerts when the magnet moves away from the reed switch alerts (Good!).
But with a photon + Powershield, the magnet only alerts when the magnet nears the reed switch (Not good!).

Also FWIW I had switch-related power problems with the Powershield when connected to the 3v3, probably because of how the Photon gets power when connected to the Powershield. So, I wired the switch and resistor up to the 5v power pin.

I’d like the change my wiring or code so that when I withdraw the magnet, I get the alert. What can I do to make this happen?

Edit to include that my purpose in this project is to monitor beehives; to give me some warning when an apiary is getting knocked over, stolen, etc. (Bears or mischief-makers).

AFAIK the Particle Power Shield does not sport a boost converter so there won’t be 5V on Vin.
And 3v3 should do fine anyway.

That “text-art” wiring diagram isn’t too clear, so when you say you are new to “electrical components” can draw up a schematic how you have got your setup and post that here?


It's like this, but the reed switch is connected to the Photon D0 not D2. (And to the Photon's VIN instead of 3v3 as shown in the ascii sketch).

The pull-resistor needs to be pulled to the opposite level of the switch in order to detect the difference between the two levels.
And as said, with a LiPo there is no 5V on the Vin pin but rather something between 3.5V and 4.2V.