Photon with Powerboost 500 battery consumption

Hi, I am powering my Photon with a Li-Po 300mAh battery via PowerBoost 500 Charger

After 40s delay, I am putting my Photon on sleep with System.sleep() command and I can see that working with Photon LED turning off. If I am not wrong Photon should draw not more than 1mA in this state. But the current drawn from my battery comes to be 7.40 mA in sleep state, which is very high.

There is nothing else attached to the circuit other than a Reeds switch to act as an interrupt on D4.

Please let me know, if I am doing something wrong. I need to conserve my battery for as long as possible.

Are you using System.sleep(SLEEP_MODE_DEEP)?

I am using System.sleep(button, FALLING);

Can you give a few more details on the external circuits, how your button is wired and how you are measuring current?

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D4 is configured with a pullup and Reeds switch is acting as an interrupt. This is all soldered on to a matrix board.

In order to have this you might want to consider using deep sleep and a pull-up reed on the WKP pin.

But having said this, the 7mA seem high for Stop Mode.

Thanks, @ScruffR. That was helpful. It did reduce my current consumption but it is still consuming 3.65mA in deep sleep.
And of course, there is the complication of distinguishing between the WKP pin and deep sleep time out.

Unless you set the timout to a ridiculously long timeout - 2 billion seconds should be more than enough to not get mixed up with WKP :wink:

And those extra 3.5mA you are seeing might not be caused by the Photon. Have you got a comparison measurement with something like some 1k, 10k, 10k & 1M resistor?
The booster might not be as efficient in discontinous mode due toh really low current draw.

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