Sleep mode - different current consumption between 2 photons

Hi there, I’ve been tinkering with a battery powered photon project (3 AA’s), employing deep sleep mode. I noticed the power consumption was pretty high - ~80 mA while full on, but after going into deep sleep, the photon still drew 30 mA, even after disconnecting all external connections from the photon.

I swapped the photon out with another, flashed the same code to it, and its deep sleep measurement was an expected 0.07mA. I swapped back a few times just to be sure my observations were real. I’ve also tried variations of the code below, extending the wait time to put the core to sleep, all with the same results.

Both photons have the same firmware (0.4.5), and were purchased at the same time. Both photons run the code fine. The photon with the higher sleep current appears to fully shut down (no LED’s on), but I’m guessing something internal is not turning off. I was going to try to manually turn off the wifi before the sleep command, just to see if that’s it.

Other posts have indicated differences between photons, but not with respect to current consumption. Any thoughts on what the cause could be?

code snippet:

digitalWrite(Do_led2, LOW); 
 SetupTime =;

void loop() {
int NowSeconds =;
    if ((NowSeconds - SetupTime) > 1){
     System.sleep(SLEEP_MODE_DEEP,3588);   // sleep 1 hr

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