Photon will get TELEC certified?

Does Photon have a plan to get TELEC certification to use Photon in Japan?

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Hi @ikeyasu - at this time we will not be pursuing Telec certification; however the product can still be used in Japan, as development kits do not technically have to certified to be used.


Thank you for your quick reply.
I really love spark products, so I am exciting your Photon announcement. I have some concerns about TELEC, however.

In my understanding, TELEC is mandatory for development purpose under the Japanese law.
In case of no TELEC certified, an anechoic chamber or enoug space(like broad plain area) are required by the raw.


I do not know the details of TELEC, but with the other major certification bodies (FCC/CE/IC), certification is really only necessary for a finished product (i.e. something with a plastic shell). Bare circuit boards are assumed to be for development, and development boards are often not certified.

The Photon and the P0 will be FCC/CE/IC certified so they can be put in a finished product without any further certification. We haven’t considered TELEC because we haven’t had enough requests for it to cover the cost. If I’m wrong though and there is a lot of demand for it, please let me know!

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Thank you for your reply.
I will check again about TELEC for details.

I understood that a request for Photon in Japan is less. I know that I am one of few people using Spark products in Japan. I would like to boost a numbers of users and supporters of Spark products in Japan :slight_smile:

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Hi zach,

I hope TELEC certification with Photon and P0 because I consider to one of choice to use Spark OS in my product now.
Spark is fantastic for IoT startups.
I have great praise to you if I release my product which using Spark in Japan.


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Hi Zach,

My company wants to sell IOT products with photon.
Do you have any plan to be certified TELEC for Japanese market?
I just wanna know if you have the plan or not in near future.

The product is great so would be popular in Japan!