Can I use Electron in Japan?

Could you tell me the information of Electron.

I want to user Electron in Japan,
but does Electron get TELEC certification in Japan?

I know that Photon has get TELEC certification but Electron is not listed in Japanese TELEC list.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me the some information.(ex:schedule)

@will will be able to provide the information. :slight_smile:

The Electron does not have TELEC certification and last I checked Particle is not pursuing TELEC certification. In most countries it is “ok” to use uncertified modules, like the Electron, for prototyping purposes however. For end products you would certainly need to obtain TELEC certification for your product.


Yep, that’s for the P0 and Photon. Not the P1 or the Electron

We might want to fix the doc in this case.

How is the doc incorrect? Under “documentation” for the TELEC certification it clearly only indicates P0/Photon

The P1, because it includes the same micro, Wi-Fi radio, and firmware is also compliant with TELEC requirements although it does not yet have the certification. If you are interested in creating a product with the P1 and require TELEC certification, please send me a PM and we can continue the conversation :slight_smile:

@will the OP is talking about electron

Oops! My mistake, sorry for the haste.

A couple things to note about Electron support in Japan – firstly, there is no 2G network in Japan, so the only viable hardware option for deployment there would be the Electron 3G (Eur/Asia/Afr).

If you’re exploring a product deployment in Japan, please send me a PM so we can learn more about your product and application. The Electron is FCC, IC, and CE certified so we have no reason to believe it would not pass TELEC certifications as well.

Thank you for useful information.

I live in Japan, but I would like to try Electron.
(Actually, I bought it and did communication test a little too.)
I would be happy if you let me know if you schedule TELEC certification.

Hello @yoshihiko_n – there is no problem with prototyping with the Electron in Japan. If you get to the point where you’re decided to scale a product with the Electron in Japan, please send me a PM so that we can discuss your manufacturing timelines and the timing of when you would need the certification to be completed.

That’s not necessarily true; it appears that TELEC do not have any exemptions for prototyping, devboards, and the like. If you’re not TELEC certified, you cannot legally use an intentional emitter in Japan. Even the Raspberry Pis that ship in Japan have TELEC documentation.

This is what people who know these things have told me, at least. YMMV.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll dig into it a little bit more and let you know what we find.

Our certification team in China is off for Chinese New Year so there’s not much we can do in the next week, but I’ll float the issue and reply to this thread when I get a sense of the timeline in which a TELEC certification for our U270 Electron SKU might be possible.