Will Spark P1 be CE certified

The Spark Photon info says:

FCC/CE/IC certified

The Spark P1 info says:

The P1 is FCC-certified,

Will the P1 not be CE/IC certified?

In very broad terms FCC is more about radio emissions and CE/IC are more about power supply/ electrical safety etc.

With the P1 Spark has implemented the RF side of the circuit and taken care of the FCC certification, but you have to do your own power supply implementation. So the power and electrical safety side of it it up to you. Its done outside of the P1 module and therefore Spark can’t CE/IC certify the product.

UPDATE scratch most of the above, I was thinking more along the lines of c-tick etc. But the point i want to make is just because the module is certified doesn’t mean you can get away with no certification of your product it just make it easier.

The P1 is already FCC/CE/IC certified, I think it’s just missing the CE and IC info on that page.

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That is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E-!