Photon voice controlled?

Hi, i’ve seen a project where photon is used for IOT tasks with Alexa (Amazon voice controller) like input device. This projects works on cloud api.
Someone knows similar device like Alexa to interface with photon?


No one have ideas? Hardware devices to voice control photon?

I used google voice (android) and cortana for this before which would enable any PC/Tablet/Phone (with Win10 or Android) to do something like that.

Apart from that i am not aware of any more hardware devices for voice interaction purposes.

So to have a fix and all online point into room to hear commands i have to use, for example, a pc with a good ambient microphone connected and process with cortana API?
Or is possible to create the same with photon? Are there library to use Cortana service on photon? can i connect a pro microphone?

Searching the forum for ‘voice’ will point you to some threads where people tried voice interaction with a photon.

in my opinion the photon is just not the perfect platform for something like this and while it’s fine to push hardware to it’s limits i tend more to select each platform for it’s best use in every case.

another option might be to use a RPI2 with Windows 10 IOT. i don’t know the current state of cortana integration but voice interaction itself is definatly possible and i played with it before. The whole Cortana parts goes more in the direction of ui + ui interaction anyways and it does not sound you’ll need this in your case. the RPI2 would also be closer to a dedicated hardware device anyways.

Thanks, it could be right, just yestarday i download Windows 10 IOT to try with RPI2…

… we completed a project based on … it can be a valuable option