Particle Photon - IoT Thermostat controlled using Amazon Alexa

This project is currently in Video form (as a demo) only. I’ll be posting follow up videos where I go into the details on the circuit, the PCB design, the Photon Code and libraries as well as all of the back-end code (Alexa, AWS Lambda, Azure Worker Role, Azure Notifications Hubs etc.).

I’ll also be making the circuit schematic, BOM, PCB design etc. freely available for those interested in building such a project. I’ve been using this project since last fall and everyone in the family loves using it (go figure). The addition of support for Alexa (also have one for Azure Cognitive Services/Cortana) truly makes this project useable/lovable.
The video posted on YouTube should give you a really good idea.IoT Multi-Zone Thermostat - Alexa Skill Demonstration


Thanks for posting this! I enjoyed watching it!

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Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the followup videos and info.