Photon stuck in DFU mode - runs HOT. Bricked?

I’m having some serious issues with my Photon. It’s stuck in a DFU loop, and it runs EXTREMLY hot. I have a headerless photon I haven’t set up yet, and when I plug that into the same usb cable (powered by my mac) it does not run hot at all.

To be very specific: After every reset the device goes to DFU mode without any input on my part.

I’ve tried running particle update and that doesn’t do anything, though the status of the cli tools appears to have succeeded.

So now I’m not sure what I can do to fix it at this point. The last time it was successfully flashed the device was plugged into a phobot motor control board that was powered by a 12V 1A supply. It was my expectation that the phobot would step down the 12V to 3.3V for the photon itself… but one Photon I have is totally bricked (doesn’t light up, heats up fast, I can smell burning) already, and the one that’s currently stuck in DFU mode was the second victim of the phoboard.

I don’t know if I should replace the Phobot board, or even how to tell if that’s the reason the Photon boards are getting screwed up. Electronics was fun before, but destroying a few of my devices has been a real downer. I was hoping to get my new stepper motor working this weekend, but it seems like all I did was ruin my two photons that had headers… and maybe the motor control board too. :tired_face:

Is the photon that you are updating connected to the board?

The photon is not connected to the phobot board anymore

Hitting the reset button ends up in DFU mode?

Yep, goes directly to DFU every single time.

Here’s a video I shot of the behavior:

Could it be that your SYSTEM button (or the solder pad underneath) got a short to GND?
You could check continuity between the pad and GND and/or the voltage level on the pad when the device is powered - it should read about 3.3V.