Photon stuck at solid blue

A few weeks ago I bought two photons. The first photon was setup using the iPhone app without any issues. The second one was blinking blue as expected but no photon wifi SSID showed up on the phone or laptop.

Communication via USB is working fine and the wifi credentials are set via USB. When the photon is powered on it goes from flashing blue to solid blue but not to flashing green. It just stays at solid blue. Could it be that the wifi module on this photon is not working at all?

Have you searched the forum for “solid blue”?

There are several threads, does any of them deal with a similar issue or is yours completely different?

Cannot claim Photon - SOLVED

Yes, I did a search for “photon solid blue” but I couldn’t find a similar topic except this one. Might be the same issue but did not include an answer…

Thanks for pointing out the other thread. I’ll give it a try!