Photon/Spark/Redbeard Duo + 3rd Device Power questions

I´m thinking on doing a self learning Spark based project. I have a guitar Pedal from Zoom, and have seen around some Mods for it (Source: ). Thing is, i don´t like the idea of so many cables going in and out around the place, or just lying around. For that reason, i´m thinking of building a PedalMod connected to a Spark, which will then send Information to another Spark (inside the Zoom Pedal), that will control the rest of the stuff.


  1. What are the power demands for the Photon/Spark/Redbeard Duo?
  2. Is it possible to power it, using the power supplier of the Zoom Guitar Pedal? Could it somehow because the lesser Current supplied, somehow cripple the Pedal?
  3. Could both Photons connect to each other, without the need of a Router?

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:
Danilo Neubern

Well, checking the docs never hurts I guess…

It depends on the power supply used, the voltages available and the currents required. Since we have no idea about any of those, it’s hard to tell. Try finding those number and we might be able to tell you more.[quote=“neubern, post:1, topic:34110”]
Could both Photons connect to each other, without the need of a Router?

Not that I’m aware of, at the moment.

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you can search the forum for “photon softap” and see if there have been any successful attempts at setting photon as access point. i’ve read it’s possible from a google hit.

Though SoftAP sets up an accesspoint of sorts (to which you can connect with your phone/computer), I haven’t seen any direct Photon-to-Photon connections, yet. I could be mistaken though. Please prove me wrong :wink:

good point. i’m unaware of any specific photon to photon. i just remembered the softap discussions and assumed if a photon could be an ap that another photon could connect. might be a false assumption on my part and if so stand corrected. thanks