Connect 2 Photons to the same power source

Hi all!

I have a phone charger (I think 1amp).

Is it ok if I connect its 5v and ground to two different Particle Photon?

Thanks for your time and help.

Though it will probably suffice for bare Photons, I wouldn’t recommend connecting too many peripherals to it after that. Photons can consume up to ~400mA while transmitting, and you don’t want to overload your supply too much, if at all.


Thanks for your suggestion!

One of the two Photons will basically “get up” only for a few seconds every 15 minutes (get humidity / temp, send it to home server, back to sleep again) and the other one will be an Internet Button.

Do I risk to ruin anything?

@ltpitt, a “waking” Photon will consume more power during waking since it needs to reestablish wifi and cloud connectivity. The internet button LEDs will take up to 60ma each when fully illuminated (white full brightness) so size your power supply accordingly. I recommend a 1A to 2A supply which will give you plenty of margin. :grinning:

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The Internet button uses Neopixels which can consume 60mA each. Doing the math, that’s 660mA worth of neopixels. add that to the consumption of your two photons and you might cross the threshold.
Why not add the sensor to the internet button photon?

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The two devices will be battery powered and not physically close in final use, I’d just like to have them close to my pc in dev phase :smile:

Worst case scenario the photons will turn off, right?

Thanks for your kind help, guys!

I’m gonna say worst case is that your power supply starts overheating because it’s being overworked, and it will melt/catch fire. That will indeed also turn off the Photons… That might then be the least of your concerns though.
If it’s just for dev’ing on your computer, why not just plug them into your computer USB ports? Then they’ve got their own supplies which should suffice for each of them.