Photon shows steady dim blue LED

"dim blue LED" is definitely a search term with more than one hit.

Bugs happen. That's why we have updates. One of the 0.7.x releases was meant to fix this. Downgrading to something lower than that leaves you 'vulnerable'.
So yes, there are topics dealing with the issue you're seeing before it had been resolved. As such, those topics might be relevant for you. Seeing as we neither want to spam the forums with duplicate topics, nor do we want to repeat ourselves on topics that have already been responded to, or tell you things you've already tried, the following questions arise:

  • What have you tried so far?
  • Have you seen the plethora of topics asking the same thing?

In case you hadn't tried, nor looked for anything, a starting point over here: Electron stopped working? - #21 by mdma

Take that as you will. Best of luck!