Photon shows as P1

I’m experimenting with a few photons and two of them show as P1 in the dashboard or lists.
I have played with firmware and DFU updates in the past and may possibly be my mistake but I’m not 100% sure.
I’m trying to change them back to Photon, but even a DFU update can’t do it.
Any ideas on how to change the firmware back to Photon?

Can you just clarify where your Photon shows up as P1 on the console device list? Is it under Type, or Name? If it’s in the “Name” column, you just mouse over that frield, and click on it to enter a new name. If it’s in the “Type” column… I don’t know what the fix is there (since I’m running Digistump Oaks on my account, they show up as “Other”).

Hi pfeerick,
It’s the type column, thank for trying to help and sorry for my delayed reply. (I just saw you post)

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