Photon Setup Problem

My university recently got a Particle Photon for student projects, and I’m having trouble setting it up. When I use particle setup, it gives the error “It doesn’t look like your Photon has made it to the cloud yet.” When I try to set it up through the app, It goes through all the steps, and gets stuck on “Verifying product ownership.” Is it possible that it won’t set up because it’s tied to the college account and not mine? Any ideas on how to fix this?

Welcome to Particle Community.

There could be a number of reasons the Photon isn’t able to connect to the Cloud.

  1. Is it connecting to a WiFi access point successfully (breathing green)?
  2. If it is WiFi connected, what does the LED show when trying to connect to the cloud (it should be flashing cyan - at some points very fast).
  3. To confirm ownership - try $ particle list and see if the photon is listed. You could try $ particle device add as this will tell you if denied that it is claimed by someone else. You will be unable to claim the photon until the current owner unclaims it.

When I power it on, the LED flashes green. It never seems to be flashing cyan. I tried particle device add and it times out with “Failed to Claim Device: Device not connected,” even though I have it plugged it.

Particle status page isnt showing it, but their system seems to be partially offline. My team is getting 404 on but will sometimes get in after a few refreshes.

Can you provide some background about your uni?
Is it WPA Enterprise? IIRC that’s not supported via particle setup
Does it use a captive portal? These are not supported at all on Photons
Does it run on 2.4GHz? 5GHz is not supported on Photons
Can you try an alternative AP? e.g. a phone hotspot

Well that means you are not getting an IP address from your WAP. At your uni are you accessing wifi through eduroam? If that is the case it does not appear to work in most cases. You could try using a smartphone hotspot to get the photon cloud connected.