Photon seems paralyzed

Hi all,
new to Photon, i succeeded to register my device and the first days could happily play with falshing code to my photon. Now i attached the Sparkfun IMU, followed the instructions to write a sample firmware with “SparkFunLSM9DS1” and could flash the code to my photon.
now it breathes cyan, but ouputs always "“Failed to communicate with LSM9DS1.” on Serial.

I cannot flash new code or such anylonger (via WebIDE or particle-cli). it keeps breathing…
pressing SETUP & MODE does not change anything…

How can i reset my photon?

Thank you.


Try holding SETUP. Then press RESET. Only release SETUP once the LED starts blinking cyan. It should then enter SAFE mode, which allows you to flash via the cloud again. If you continue to hold SETUP until it starts blinking yellow, you’re in DFU mode, which allows you to program over USB.

Thanks, Moors7.
after fiddling around pressing SETUP & RESET in differentt rythm, i finally succeeded to get it into flashing magenta again!

and now i get the data from the Sparkfun IMU.

Now my work can begin!

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