Photon never stop reset it self

hi guys:
I am have a trouble to get my photon to work. The Photon get into a infinite cycle of reseting it self. When the. The light goes like this. White -> flash green -> flash cyan -> diming cyan -> flash red (SOS) -> white and then on and on and on. Is there any solution to deal with it?

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Have you flashed any code to it? If so, could you post that here?
Try holding the Setup button and pressing the reset button. Release the setup button when the LED starts blinking magenta. Then, see if it connects. If it does, try flashing something simple like Tinker or ‘blink an LED’.

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The LED turns into yellow.

That’s a good sign, if you’ve got Particle CLI installed, you can try particle flash --usb tinker (when the Photon is plugged into your computer) to get a safe firmware on.

But what @Moors7 meant was to put the Photon into “Safe mode”. Release the SETUP button as soon the LED lights up magenta - before it turns yellow.

When the LED is yellow, I type in particle flash --usb tinker
and the command line response a message as follow:

Apparently I didn’t find a DFU device? util said
Error writing firmware… no dfu device found.

what is DFU device?

What OS are you on?
Have you been able to flas via USB before?
Have you got the propper driver for DFU? (via Zadig on Windows)

Mac OSX. Yes I was able to flash it via USB, however, after I load it with an example that connects to another server, and the Photon has this problem.
What do you mean propper driver for DFU?

It sounds like the application might be the issue here. Can you please post your code so we can advise?

char msg[] = "Hi, I'm This is Mike Lo";
#include <string.h>
#define JOLT_SERVER ""
//#define TOKEN "**PLACE TOKEN HERE**"
//TCPClient client;

void setup()
  // or you can use DHCP for autoomatic IP address configuration.

  Serial.println("connecting .test..");
   client.connect(JOLT_SERVER, 8086);
    client.println("POST /update HTTP/1.1");
    client.println("Host: " JOLT_SERVER);
    client.print("Content-Length: ");
void loop()


@mikelo, there are a few issues with your code. I suggest you first read the documentation for TCPClient(). I am not even sure why the code compiled since there is not Ethernet class on the Photon! So the Ethernet.begin(mac) line will not do anything. You also commented out the TCPClient client line at the top of the file which creates the client you need. I suspect that calling client.connect() without first creating the client may be what’s causing the reset.

Take a look at the TCPClient examples and do a search for HTTPClient as well. This is a very useful library for communicating to an HTTP host. :smile:

but the problem is that I can flash my photon with other code. I am trying to get it to load a new code.

Have you tried Safe mode as suggested twice before?

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never mind. I have turn this thing into listening mode after I do factory reset. Now I just want to know how to turn listening mode to comiling mode. I did “Setup device wifi credential”, after this the board is still in listening mode.

If it’s in blinking blue, you’ll need to provide it with proper credentials. You can do so with the app, or through the CLI.
With the CLI try particle setup wifi, then don’t have it detect your security type, but rather select it from the list. Give that a try and report back.

after I setup this. The LED start flashing Cyan, forever. It looks like it’s trying to connect particle cloud, and this is final state. It doesn’t re-setup itself or anything like that.

I don’t know what did I did to turn the light to diming cyan. There is another problem. The I am trying to add this device and I type in the device id it say this is already owned, so it wants me to send the request of transferring the ownership. After I click the button, there is nothing show up, no email, no text message or any kind of message reminder. The windows shows could not request transfer

Do you mean ‘breathing’ cyan?

Is the device yours, have you ever claimed it with another account? Has it ever been claimed with another account?
Could you log out of all applications you’re using to connect to your devices: CLI/app/web IDE/Particle Dev, and try logging in again? It could be that you used different credentials, and are trying to access them from an account that doesn’t have proper access rights.

yes breathing cyan.

Here is the thing I don’t understand. Why everything need to be going through particle’s cloud. Why not just give us everything so we can it our own? Just like Arduino. What’s the point to register or add a device on cloud?

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